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Kura Alkaline

Duck Flower

Duck Flower

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Our Honduras Duck Flower was harvested by hand from its natural tropical environments, by the banks of rivers in the warm hills of Honduras. The flower was carefully cut from the plant, to ensure its continued growth and survival, washed, and air dried in a controlled environment to maintain its nutritional value.

How to Use The Duck Flower:
Preparation: Our organic Duck Flower is best to be taken after a day of fast, a full 24 hours of juicing, tea consumption, bitter teas and generous amounts of water for a smoother detox journey.
The entire process takes about 5-8 hours, schedule your day accordingly, we recommend to start it around 4-5 pm, by 10-11 pm you should be easing off the effects and you can then sleep it off and wake up brand new the next day.
1. Soak flower in fresh spring water for 30-60 minutes to rehydrate.
2. Consume entire soaked flower, chewing thoroughly. We also recommend to drink the water that is left over from the soaking process.
3. During the course of the detox, consume adequate amounts of liquid with electrolytes - coconut water is ideal. If you vomit, or pass faeces you MUST rehydrate with water/coconut water
4. After the detox is complete, reintroduce simple plant based foods slowly, such as fresh raw fruits or raw fresh vegetables. We love making a squash soup after our detox!

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