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Batana Oil

Batana Oil

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Extracted from the Oenocarpus bataua palm tree, the Batana Fruit carries a legacy rooted in indigenous traditions across Central and South America. This elixir, known for its remarkable nourishing and curative properties, has been a treasured secret for generations. Batana Oil revitalizes hair by reversing loss, preventing breakage, and promoting growth, leaving it lustrous and thick. It also heals and hydrates dry skin, serving as an emollient to soothe and fade scars and stretch marks.

How to Use Our Batana Oil:
For Your Scalp: Massage a small amount into your scalp and hair ends for rejuvenation.
For Burns or Dark Spots: Apply to target areas for skin tone balance and repair.

Experience the transformational power of Batana Oil and elevate your hair and skin to vitality and radiance.
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